Nature and art complement each other in an exceptional way on the islands of the Archipelago of Solentiname. Painters, sculptors and artisans are inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds them in this tropical paradise. The Solentiname Archipelago with its 36 islands is the product of volcanic eruptions. Since pre-Columbian times it was a sacred place for the indigenous. Although multiple stone art are preserved at Indian cemeteries and religious relics. The unique flora and fauna of the Archipelago in Lake Nicaragua, transmits its harmony to each of its guests - discovery of the new slowness, a pleasure for soul and body.
• 15 rooms
• Private bathrooms
• Full board
• Restaurant
• Bar
• Purified water
• Conference Hall
• Room service
• Laundry
• Green areas
• Boat transport
• Safe-deposit box
• Hotel beach at Lake Nicaragua
• Sustainable tourism concept
• Tour offers